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Combining the deep industry expertise and the 3PL-Total solution technology, we can help your organization to adopt and be benefit from the innovative, professional and modern operation methodologies with effective I.T. solutions in places. Our solutions are configurable and this allows us to "tailor" them to meet your unique business requirements.

Customers use our solution in different ways depending on their unique business environment. This is why we offer flexible training solutions to align our expertise with your organization’s specific educational goals. We also provide monthly training to our existing customers free of charge. This is not only an opportunity to train up your new-hires, but also help to refresh the knowledge of your existing employees.

Your success is our No. 1 priority. That’s why your business continuity is important to us. We know how important customer support is to your operation, and so we’re committed to answering your questions and resolving your issues fast and effectively. We offer different options of support to meet your business needs.
  • Bonze Support
  • Silver Support
  • Gold Support
  • TotalKnowledgeBank

    While you have one problem, someone else may have similar experience and answers were already there. Therefore beside providing online help and online training material, we also centralize all valuable sharing into one FAQ knowledge-base for self-learning and problem-identificaiton. From time to time, we even offer special favorites to those who contribute us to improve our solutions.
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