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3PL-Total platform and module overview

Working within one highly-secured, restrictly controlled, distributed and robust environment, the module suites from 3PL-Total solution covers wide range of areas where one 3PL and his customers will collaboratively work in and share.

Below explains some of our core modules:

Who should use it
What can it do
3PL Operators
Helps 3PL providers to efficiently manage customer’s inventory, while optimizing the space and people utilization automatically with its embeded worldwide best practices methodology. Inventory reports and warehouse activity logs are made available to the management automatically.
3PL Operators
* ADC – Automated Data Collection
Adds state-of-art data collection to operation with Barcode and RFID technologies. This module boosts operation accuracy, data integrity, quality and productivity all at the same time.  And hence raises the customer confidence and satisfaction.
Stock Owners
Acts as visibility, fulfillment control and collaboration platform between stock owners and their 3PL providers. STO module provides not only the visibility to the stock owner, it also assists the stock owners with the procurement process and sales process within their own organizations, and save them from the tedious documentation required.
Controlled by different user and subscription profiles, users of different roles – whether as warehouse supervisors or brand manager from Stock Owners – can receive email or SMS alerts for any special incidence along the supply chain line and among inventory.
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